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Arcade Coffee Grinders

Arcade Manufacturing Co. was founded in 1868 as The Novelty Iron Works by Charles Morgan and Edward H. the first products of Arcade were cork extractor and screen door hinge. Later they produced several other products but they carved a niche in manufacturing coffee grinders that are still considered to best manual hand grinders by many people.

The wall mounted coffee grinder of Arcade was the most popular one. Before electric grinders made their presence felt in the market the manual hand coffee grinders especially the Wall-Mounted Arcade hand coffee grinders were seen allover. Even the table top cast iron coffee grinder of Arcade shared the same popularity as of wall mounted coffee grinders. One could find them in various larger operations and general stores.

The Arcade coffee grinders especially the Arcade Crystal Coffee Grinders are still seen in sale on antique coffee grinders or you can fine them online. but it is very necessary to find the one which is original. the original Arcade Crystal Coffee Grinders have Cast iron base, glass coffee bean jar, tin lid, original graduated Arcade marked glass jar, wooden handle attached to the cast iron handle bracket.

The original coffee grinder has ‘Arcade’ or Crystal embossed in cursive style on the tin lid. It is also embossed on glass bean jar In spite of so many electric grinders available in the market coffee purists still prefer Arcade coffee grinders as they believe, the heat generated by electric grinders damage the coffee. Some of the models still famous and found in sale are Arcade Crystal Coffee Grinder, Arcade Crystal Coffee Grinder wall Type Primitive, Arcade No.25 Coffee Grinder and several others.

You may contact us at:
Arcade Mfg. Co.
Freeport, Illinois

Early Arcade Coffee Laptop Grinder
Early Arcade Coffee Laptop Grinder Product Features:
  • Conventional style coffee grinder
  • Top of the mill has Arcade name
  • All-original coffee grinder

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