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Review - Award Winning Farm-Roasted 100% Kona Coffee, Whole Bean, Dark Roast 1 Lb

Award Winning Farm-Roasted Kona Coffee

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This award winning 1 Lb Farm-roasted 100% Kona Coffee, Whole Bean, Dark Roast has the added prestige of being named the New & Innovative Product at the worlds largest gourmet food show - SIAL Paris. It is the winner of the 2004 Hawaii Governor's Export Award. The product comes from a third generation coffee growing family.

All visitors to Hawaii carry the taste of Hawaii back home in the form of 100% Kona coffee. The unique environment of the tiny Kona Coffee Belt, only about 2 miles by 15 miles, creates the ideal growing conditions for premium quality coffee beans. Coffee trees flourish on Kona’s volcanic slopes under warm morning sunshine and afternoon cloud cover. Individually hand-picked the coffee cherries on maturity are processed and then sun-dried to bring out its characteristic flavor. The final step is micro-roasting at the farm in small batches. This helps to ensure the freshness of each bag of Hawaii Roasters 100% Kona coffee.

These beans have a lot of flavor. The body is unrivalled. Everything is balanced in a way that is unique to the Kona bean. The beans are perfect and you only have to use about 2/3 the portion of what you would normally use to make a cup of your favorite brew. However Kona Coffee beans are very pricey. For someone who likes experimenting with other tastes of coffee, Kona coffee does provide that difference. But probably one will buy it to sample something new rather than to make it a regular drink.

This coffee is basically a dark roast and could be too strong for some people. You should not make it too strong as it becomes bitter. Kona is traditionally very smooth coffee but it's truly for strong dark coffee lovers. Hawaii Roasters is definitely the best coffee you will have in this category.

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