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Coffee Pods: Coffee On the Go, for People On the Go

Wednesday Jul 13, 2011
In today’s world, everything is in a rush. Even simple acts such as brewing coffee can take a while. A lot of people choose between being late for work or school and having their usual cup of coffee for breakfast. However, a new innovation in the coffee industry can serve as a solution to such dilemma.

Coffee pods are basically bags of coffee that are done by roasting and very much ready for brewing. It is similar to instant coffee and tea bags in terms of availability and function. The taste, however, has a dramatic difference. One can enjoy several types of roast, from dark roast to mild roast, in a small pod. People always opt for convenience. That is why coffee pods are famous among busy coffee drinkers.

There are two standard coffee pods that are available in the market today. First one is the 62mm pod. This is usually used for regular coffee. Decker’s Home cafe and Philip’s Senseo are classic examples of this. On the other hand, there are 44mm pods like the Seaco Aroma and the Mr. coffeeECMP40POd Pump Espressos. These pods are generally used with espresso pump machine. Aside from the 62mm and the 44mm pod, there are also other sizes available in the market.

Using the coffee pod is as easy as pie. First, you need to fill the coffeemaker with water, put the pod in the receptacle, and hit the start button. Wait for 30 seconds and viola! You have your coffee. However, if you prefer rich frothy ones, several add-ons are available to help you get the cup of coffee that you want.

If it is easy to use, then it is easy to clean. Simply toss out the pod when you are done with them. Since there are no filters, coffee grounds are usually enclosed in the pod. There is no risk of spilling them in case you toss them. The receptacle of the pods is guaranteed safe to toss inside the dishwasher.

With less than 20 dollars, one should be able to find a package of about 72 coffee pods. But if you come to think about it, the convenience and the quality of coffee that it gives you quite justifies its price. Say goodbye to measuring cups or messes. With coffee pods, you can have good quality coffee in less than 30 seconds. It is just like hitting two birds with one stone, considering the hectic schedule that most of us have.

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Different Roasts for Different Folks

Wednesday Jul 13, 2011
For many, breakfast is not breakfast without a cup of the world’s most favorite beverage. Coffee begins our day. For some people, a cup of coffee ends their day as well. However, what we do not realize is the fact that before we can have our cup of coffee, it actually undergoes a process.

To bring out the aroma and flavor of coffee, it undergoes a process called roasting. Heat turns the green coffee beans into the aromatic brown beans we commonly see. Several chemical changes happen as these beans are roasted. Coffee beans are brought to an extremely high temperature and then cooled quickly; thus, stopping the process of roasting.

Green coffee beans are soft and do not have an aroma. They are also spongy and weigh more. After the process of roasting, the coffee beans turn brown and become lighter compared to the green ones because moisture is lost in the process. Brown coffee beans possess the aroma that our senses come to recognize as coffee. They are generally crunchy and are now ready to be ground, brewed, and eventually mixed.

There are several types of roasts known to most coffee gourmets. One is the light roast, which is manufactured basically from mild varieties of coffee. Lightly roasted beans have no oil on their surface since they were not able to break through the surface of the beans. Medium roast coffee gives out a non-oily surface of coffee beans. This type of roasted beans is commonly known as the “American Roast.” It is what most Americans prefer in their coffee; hence the name. The medium-dark roasted coffee has some oil on the surface and possesses a bit of bittersweet aftertaste. Lastly, dark roasted coffee is generally bitter, has an oily surface, and for some, has a stronger aroma.

Arguments about the perfect roast of coffee can be quite useless. Taste buds and preferences vary, so the choice can be quite subjective. Some prefer their coffee strong. Others want it moderately strong while still others like it light. Generally, less acid is found in dark roasted coffee. Lighter roasted coffee is more acidic. Dark roast coffee has less traces of caffeine but has a fuller flavor.

In conclusion, the roast is not the sole factor to consider in determining the coffee’s quality or taste. What matters is the balanced combination of the coffee’s acidity, flavor, aroma, and the drinker’s own taste and personal preferences. Indeed, different roasts, different folks.

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Antigua Coffee Grinder

Wednesday Jul 13, 2011

Named after the famous Guatemala Antigua gourmet coffee, Bodum has gone ahead to create the Antigua Coffee Grinder, considered by many to be a great entry-level grinder. With a fairly good capacity it measures 8 X 10.5 inches. This grinder has been designed to scale up to professional standards notwithstanding its diminutive size.

It’s a smart looking coffee grinder fitting in beautifully with kitchen interiors and dining area counter tops. Available in two models – normal and metal, it is great for everyday use. With its matte chrome finish the Antigua Coffee grinder remains big enough to hold all of one pound of coffee beans!

As a good starter grinder deploying conical burrs, it grinds a medium espresso up to a coarse drip pot grind and also works well for press pot grind. You could buy the Bodum Antigua Coffee Grinder without hesitation as it is a sturdy unit that works well. Also the grinder prevents coffee from losing its characteristic taste and aroma, both crucial aspects for coffee grounds.

Much research and expert consultations with coffee aficionados got the Antigua to be fitted with specialized burr grinders that work with professional competence. Under this process coffee beans are cut rather than being crushed, so as not to overheat the beans. This feature helps create the kind of coffee that is loved by true connoisseurs of the beverage.

The grinder processes all kinds of roasts from dark oily espressos to lighter dryer roasts of filter coffee. Adjustments can be made for coarse French press setting or fine Italian espresso setting. The timer-switch allows you to grind any amount of coffee up to 8 cups at a time to offer the enigmatic taste and aroma of a great cup of coffee.

The Antigua coffee grinder is intended for domestic use. Its conical burrs provide several grind settings that may be selected by giving the bean hopper a twist. It will grind beans coarsely for French press coffee and prepare a fine grind for espresso. Grind settings being incremental, can be set to any degree of fineness between these two extremes.

This quality burr grinder comes at a bargain price too while providing uniform, static free burr grinding for drip, French press and vacuum-pot coffee. Coffee lovers will recommend this coffee grinder for its excellent grind consistency. Additionally the chic styling, large hopper size and features like the cleaning brush hanging on one side make it an exceptional grinder.

The Antigua is available in models of plastic or stainless steel designs, and the metallic model features a hole in the lid of the grounds catcher, from where you may pour into your coffee or espresso brewer. At 10 inches of height and a low price, the Antigua is a real compact bargain. With the new found coffee culture cutting across the globe this grinder is vibrant for daily use.

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