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Coffee Pods: Coffee On the Go, for People On the Go

Wednesday Jul 13, 2011
In today’s world, everything is in a rush. Even simple acts such as brewing coffee can take a while. A lot of people choose between being late for work or school and having their usual cup of coffee for breakfast. However, a new innovation in the coffee industry can serve as a solution to such dilemma.

Coffee pods are basically bags of coffee that are done by roasting and very much ready for brewing. It is similar to instant coffee and tea bags in terms of availability and function. The taste, however, has a dramatic difference. One can enjoy several types of roast, from dark roast to mild roast, in a small pod. People always opt for convenience. That is why coffee pods are famous among busy coffee drinkers.

There are two standard coffee pods that are available in the market today. First one is the 62mm pod. This is usually used for regular coffee. Decker’s Home cafe and Philip’s Senseo are classic examples of this. On the other hand, there are 44mm pods like the Seaco Aroma and the Mr. coffeeECMP40POd Pump Espressos. These pods are generally used with espresso pump machine. Aside from the 62mm and the 44mm pod, there are also other sizes available in the market.

Using the coffee pod is as easy as pie. First, you need to fill the coffeemaker with water, put the pod in the receptacle, and hit the start button. Wait for 30 seconds and viola! You have your coffee. However, if you prefer rich frothy ones, several add-ons are available to help you get the cup of coffee that you want.

If it is easy to use, then it is easy to clean. Simply toss out the pod when you are done with them. Since there are no filters, coffee grounds are usually enclosed in the pod. There is no risk of spilling them in case you toss them. The receptacle of the pods is guaranteed safe to toss inside the dishwasher.

With less than 20 dollars, one should be able to find a package of about 72 coffee pods. But if you come to think about it, the convenience and the quality of coffee that it gives you quite justifies its price. Say goodbye to measuring cups or messes. With coffee pods, you can have good quality coffee in less than 30 seconds. It is just like hitting two birds with one stone, considering the hectic schedule that most of us have.