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Review - Café Altura Organic Coffee, Biodynamic French Roast, Whole Bean, 32-Ounce Bag

Café Altura Organic Coffee

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This 32-ounce bag of Café Altura Organic Coffee-Biodynamic French Roast Whole Beans is vacuum packaged. These organic whole coffee beans are French-roasted for their robust and tangy taste. The biodynamic growing methods blend special plant and soil development with moon and stellar influences. The coffee cherries are hand-picked, washed in rainwater, and dried in sun. They are roasted in small batches in Santa Paula, California. These USDA certified organically grown and processed coffee beans are hand grown on family farms.

For the price, this organic coffee is good. The overall flavor is full-bodied. When beans are used in proper amount and freshly ground just before brewing the coffee will taste really special. It has a good aroma and the acidity is well-balanced. You can try extra beans if you want more of the zing.

This is an excellent French roast. Dark, oily, and fresh like it's supposed to be. Café Altura's is actually a very rich and intense coffee grown in Chiapas, Mexico. The beans are oily and fragrant, and produce an exceptionally smooth cup of coffee. For the conscientious drinkers this is an added pleasure to be able to support biodynamic farming efforts along with an excellent cup of coffee. You're not likely to find better coffee or a better value, nor a dark roast that is also organic. It's a quality coffee with an over-powering taste. Grown the "right" way through organic/biodynamic methods it is environmentally-friendly coffee.

You can use these beans with a burr grinder and a French press. The beans are very oily, as French roast ought to be. They are packaged well, but still you should place them in an airtight container once you open the bag.

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