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Review - Cafe Altura Organic Coffee, Whole Bean, Sumatran Dark Roast, 32-Ounce Bags (Pack of 2)

Cafe Altura Organic Coffee

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The Cafe Altura Organic Coffee, Whole Bean, Sumatran Dark Roast in 32-ounce bags in a pack of 2 contains a total of 64 ounces of whole beans. The vacuum packed bag has a shelf life of one year. These organic whole coffee beans come from the Gayo region of the northwestern corner of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. These dark-roasted beans add richness to the blend that can produce a heavy, syrupy body and a straightforward flavor having low acidity.

Café Alturas Organic coffee is USDA organic certified. It is also certified organically grown and processed by Stellar certification services. The coffee is hand grown on family farms by small farmers. The beans are hand-picked, washed in rainwater and dried in sun. They are roasted in small batches in Santa Paula, CA

Surprisingly it is very strong coffee. You may need to reduce the amount of beans that you grind for a pot by at least a quarter or maybe a third. Your normal amount may give you a real jolt. Almost like drinking espresso. It is quite tasty and the roasted seeds as you will discover are of a superb quality. Exquisitely roasted and priced just right, Cafe Alturas’s whole bean organic Sumatran Dark Roast is wonderful and truly excellent.

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