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Review - Caffe Appassionato Organic Shade Grown Espresso Roast, Whole Bean, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3)

Caffe Appassionato Organic

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The 12 ounce bag of Caffe Appassionato Organic Shade Grown Espresso Roast, Whole Bean is a gourmet’s delight. This case of three 12-ounce packages of whole bean coffee offers a total of 36 ounces. This is the finest organic espresso roast with a smooth and strong finish. It is Fair Trade coffee and is certified organic by OCIA. These coffee beans are environmentally friendly and are shade grown to protect migratory bird populations. The whole beans are slow-roasted lending them a full-bodied flavor with low acidity. They are packaged in airtight bags for freshness. This coffee is part of gourmet cuisine of the old world-style of coffee drinking. It is hand crafted in the Pacific Northwest.

A well-tempered combination of coffees from Indonesia and Central America, Organic Espresso Blend is composed to yield a smooth but strong finish for espresso lovers. Purchased under fair trade standards and perfect for socially-conscious gourmet coffee lovers, Caffe Appassionato organic coffees meet the highest levels of the Smithsonian Institute's standards for Shade Coffee Growers and are Certified Organic by OCIA (Organic Crop Improvement Association International).

Slow-roasted to perfection, Caffe Appassionato coffees are made from 100-percent arabica beans, roasted at lower temperatures to produce full-bodied, aromatic coffees that are gentle on your stomach, low in acidity, and less bitter than other specialty roasts. All Caffe Appassionato coffees are packaged in airtight, one-way valve bags to retain maximum freshness after roasting.

Caffè Appassionato is the Pacific Northwest’s premier coffee company for the world’s finest gourmet coffee products. They offer benchmark coffee roasts and blends which are produced, packaged, labeled, and served to reflect the superior image and quality of the products. This quality product in particular is excellent, full-bodied in flavor, and exceptionally low in acids.

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