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Coffee: A Dark History by Antony Wild

A Dark History

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Key features
An amazing book on the history of coffee
Traces of its origin and popularity all over the world
Pitiable condition of the coffee producers
Comprehensive information that highlights the exploitation of coffee producers
The book is about the 500 years history of the caffeinated bean. The first traces of coffee beans, its popularity all over the world and the employment it provided to the people. The Author takes us to that period when the concept of coffee houses was introduced. Every coffee house tells us the story of political upheaval and other happenings which were planned in the coffee houses while sipping coffee.

Antony Wild also portrays the dark side of the story where the producers of coffee are living under pitiable conditions. The gloomy picture of the coffee producers, their only source of livelihood but do not get fair price they deserve for their hard work. Further this statement is backed by the Bank and other reliable sources and adds to it that around 500 million peole globally are involved directly or indirectly in the coffee trade.

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