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A Guide to Buying, Brewing, and Enjoying, Fifth Edition by Kenneth Davids

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Key features
Amusing and informative book on coffee
Updated information and valuable source on coffee
Tips on buying storing and brewing coffee
Complete history of coffee culture
Essential and complete guide to America’s national beverage
The book ‘A Guide to Buying, Brewing and Enjoying’ by Kenneth Davids is the comprehensive book that provides detailed information right from buying good quality beans to grinding and brewing to make perfect coffee. The book is a valuable source for those who cannot resist good coffee and are willingly ready to spend some of their time knowing the best way to achieve the gourmet coffee with rich flavor and aroma. Kenneth David has put forth his ideas in an amusing way. Once you pick up the book you will not put it down until and unless you finish reading.

The author of this book Kenneth David has the credit of writing two books on coffee. Working as a lecturer in California College of Arts and Crafts David teaches writing and history. He is the known writer who writes for a number of coffee industry publications and Websites.

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