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Coffee Basics: A Quick and Easy Guide by Kevin Knox and Julie Sheldon Huffaker

Quick and Easy
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Key features:
Basic coffee facts:  its origin, history, and several varieties
A coffee taster’s glossary
Step-by-step method for selecting, roasting, blending and flavoring coffee
The scoop on decaffeinated, organic and espresso bean specialty coffee recipes

True to its title, the book deals with the origin and basics of coffee. With so many coffee shops and restaurants that have sprung up in cities that serve variety of specialty coffee drinks, one needs to know the difference between great coffee and great hype. This book by Kevin Knox and Julie Sheldon Huffaker is full of handy references with hundreds of industry truths and trade secrets.

The book is an insight to buying coffee, brewing and tasting and develop an ability to see beyond the expensive trappings of today’s coffee explosion. The author Kevin Knox a former coffee specialist for Starbucks is a leading coffee expert, and Julie Sheldon Huffaker is a writer and editor who works with the specialty coffee industry.

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