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Review - Coffee Bean Direct's French Roast Espresso Beans - 5lb Bag

Coffee Bean Direct's French Roast Espresso Beans
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Coffee whole beans can be ordered freshly roasted at wholesale pricing from Coffee Bean Direct. They offer French Roast Espresso Beans in 5lb bags. This makes for an excellent deal especially for all true coffee lovers. They have blends of South American and African beans and this coffee is a full French roast that offers a rich and robust flavor. The beans are oily and roasted to a dark brown color. French Roast is close to having an espresso flavor, but is a quite a bit smoother. Many customers prefer to use this bean for their espressos.

This is the real stuff. When you buy direct you pay less. And you can be sure about what you are buying. What you ordered for is what you get. You can’t beat this place to buy real good coffee. These are great beans, great price and great on-time delivery. These large beans create a medium bodied and sweet tasting coffee with a rich flavor and aroma. In all, this is an incredibly well balanced dark roast coffee. You will love the taste as much as the price for this 5 lb bag.

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