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Exquisite Cuban Pull - Café Cubano

Cuban Coffee Beans
Cuban Coffee has quite a following being made largely from finest Arabica beans. Generally cultivated and handpicked in the Sierra Maestra Mountains, the shade grown and naturally sun dried beans make exquisite coffee with strong earthy tones. It is the hints of smokiness that make it a distinct brand of coffee from Cuba.

Cuban Coffee Characteristics : Well known for its strong taste served in small amounts with excessive caffeine and sugar, Cuban coffee is finely grounded and dark roasted. The coffee is prepared espresso style using a machine. You can get the best taste of Cuban coffee by using finely ground, almost powdered beans. Cuban style coffee is widely available in both whole bean and ground espresso blends.

Café Cubano : Cuban coffee is a type of espresso that originated in Cuba after espresso machines were first imported from Italy. It specifically refers to an espresso shot which is sweetened with demerara sugar as it is being brewed. Drinking Café Cubano remains a prominent social and cultural activity. It is said that what tequila is to liquor, Cafe Cubano is to the world of coffee. This coffee is not sipped or savored, but is shot! Cafe Cubano has twice the kick to any other coffee. Countless Cuban restaurants have people lining up for jolts of Café Cubano served in thimble-sized paper cups.

Making Cuban Coffee : There are two methods for making coffee the Cuban way. The traditional method uses a metal stovetop espresso pot and the modern way is from an electric espresso machine. While the stovetop method takes longer, it is certainly the authentic method. Cuban coffee is served at the end of a meal in tiny cups that are really quite small.

Ready-to-Make Cuban Coffee : Select coffee beans grown high in the shady jungles of the Sierra Maestra Mountains of Eastern Cuba provide beans that are roasted to perfection, vacuum sealed and shipped in small batches to ensure the freshest possible coffee beans! Made in coffee farms using traditional organic coffee growing techniques, Cuban coffee beans are very delicious and full bodied. Between Cuba's natural humid climate, fertile soil and two centuries of cultivation techniques, you procure the best coffee beans.

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