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Dual Drip Coffee Maker – Home & Commercial

The dual drip coffee maker consists of two double walled insulated stainless steel thermal carafes which make it easy for serving plenty of hot fresh coffee at home or at the workplace. These kind of machines feature two separate heating systems for the two pots. One can easily brew a decaf in addition to the pot of regular coffee.

The dual drip coffee maker brews coffee for as little as one cup and also a larger quantity ranging till 20 cups. These coffee makers have special filter for extracting maximum flavor without the coffee getting bitter. Some of these coffee makers are programmable and feature many distinctive features. They have a programmable timer/clock, auto-shut off facility and some of them even feature the LCD display on the control panel.

The dual drip coffee makers have a specially designed heating and tubing system which minimizes calcification and leaves no residual water in the system when the brewing process is complete.

There are many brands which manufacture dual drip coffee maker like Mr. Coffee, DeLonghi, and Cuisinart etc.

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