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Review - Eight O'Clock Coffee, Balanced Blend Whole Bean, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 4)

Eight O'Clock Coffee

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The Eight O' Clock Coffee, Balanced Blend Whole Bean comes in a case of four 12-ounce bags, totaling to 48 ounces of coffee beans. It contains a blend of regular and decaffeinated whole, 100% arabica beans for 50% less caffeine. The beans are medium-roast for full-bodied taste with lingering sweet finish. The coffee beans come packed in sealed bags for freshness. They are roasted and packed in Landover, MD.

With 50% less caffeine these whole beans are very popular with low caf coffee drinkers. The unique freshness-valve on the front of this bag seals in and protects the superb roasted flavor of each bag of Eight O’ Clock coffee. Careful roasting of the coffee beans brings out their rich, full-bodied flavor and aroma. The beans are then packed immediately after roasting to arrive fresh on the market. The pack comes with complete instructions regarding re-storage and brewing directions.

This Half-caf coffee has great taste and is good for low caffeine coffee lovers who wish to have the flavor intact. The coffee is full flavored with no bitter taste and low acid as well. Even regular coffee drinkers will enjoy this great flavor and also enjoy the health benefit of low caffeine.

This blend is one that you can enjoy when you do not want to be over-caffeinated. The flavor is truly balanced, slightly fruity with a hint of toasty chocolate. It's a medium-bodied blend, but you can concentrate it by using less water without harming the flavor.

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