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Finding Decaf Coffee Beans

Decaffeination is the act of removing caffeine from coffee beans. The decaffeination processes are performed on un-roasted (green) beans. The methods vary somewhat but they generally start with steaming the beans. They are then rinsed in solvents that contain as much of the chemical composition of coffee as possible without also containing the caffeine in a soluble form. The process is repeated anywhere from 8 to 12 times until it meets the international standard of having removed 97% of the caffeine in the beans.

You can find decaf coffee from Columbia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kona, Kenya, Mexico, Peru and many other countries who are producing decaffeinated beans. You can be sure to get these quality beans from all over the world delivered right to your home. Regular coffee shops like Peet's and Starbucks and others like them also provide decafs in a variety of flavors. From a full roast to a darker roast they cater to most preferences for a decaf cup of coffee.

Decaf coffee blends are made to near coffee perfection and offer quite a range of decaffeinated coffee beans. Peet’s has a decaffeinated Indonesian roasted coffee that is from a rich, spicy bean that’s been aged for several years to develop it's flavors and exotic aromas. Starbuck's has their decaffeinated Guatemalan Antigua, a bean which is every bit as snappy and spicy as the caffeinated variety.

You can always check with your favorite roaster and ask to taste their decaf coffees. Usually they are quite willing to share their knowledge. Kona Coffee and Maxwell House besides a lot of others have also been marketing decaffeinated coffee. Decaf coffees tend to cost more than their non decaffeinated counterparts because of the additional labor, equipment and material expenses required for caffeine removal Drinkers of decaf gourmet coffee can choose from a wide variety of unblended, blended, and flavored with little sacrifice to flavor.

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