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Flavored Coffee Beans Variety

Flavored Coffee Beans
Coffee is now more than just traditional beans ever since there emerged this huge variety of flavored coffees and flavored coffee beans. If you are looking out for that much more in your cup of coffee, know that there are about countless flavored coffees in every taste. This is a great way to add new and natural flavors to your coffee without the addition of either sugar or flavored creamers. Additionally flavored coffee can be calorie-free, fat-free and guilt free!

Flavored Coffee : Beans are coated with flavor compounds to supplement coffee beans' natural taste. The flavor also helps extend shelf life of the coffee by disguising changes in flavor due to decaffeination or aging processes. Flavored coffees have been popular but gourmet coffee boom of the 1990s resulted in an increased interest in exotic flavors of coffee.

Flavoring Ingredients Flavoring oils comprise of natural and synthetic flavor chemicals that include other taste agents. Natural oils used in flavored coffees are extracted from sources like vanilla beans, cocoa beans and various nuts and berries. Cinnamon, clove or chicory are also used in a variety of coffee flavors. Synthetic flavor agents are chemicals which are manufactured on a commercial basis.

Flavoring process : Flavors are always added to roasted beans before they are ground. The beans are placed in a large mixer which is specially designed to gently tumble the beans. The flavors are usually introduced via a pressurized spray mechanism which breaks the oils into tiny droplets which allows for better mixing. Oils are added very gradually to guard highly concentrated flavors.

The beans are turned for a set amount of time to ensure the flavor is evenly spread. This process usually takes 15-30 minutes depending on the mixing characteristics of the oil. When the beans are properly coated, they take on a glossy finish that indicates a uniform distribution of oils. The type of bean used to make flavored coffee greatly impacts the taste of the finished product.

Coffee Flavors : Flavored coffee might be providing the richest aroma and flavor for the highest quality Gourmet Coffee experience and perhaps without the caffeine or acidic effects. There are plentiful choices from amongst hundreds of flavored coffee choices like Hazelnut Coffee, French Vanilla Coffee, Amaretto Magic Coffee, Irish Creme Coffee, Cinnamon Nut Coffee, Bavarian Chocolate Coffee, Chocolate Cinnamon Coffee, Chocolate Almond Coffee, Espresso Blend Coffee and many more such flavors.

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