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Specialty Gourmet Coffees – Frappes and Cappuccinos

Gourmet Coffee Beans
Gourmet coffee is really specialty coffee loved by coffee aficionados. If you feel the same way about coffee then explore the more fascinating and delicious gourmet coffees that have such fanciful names you will never forget them. Connoisseurs relish gourmet coffee that is an indispensable beverage they cannot do without.

Gourmet Coffee Beans : Specialty coffees really start from handpicked coffee berries from select plantations located all around the world. Coffee lovers know the differences in the roast and freshness of the coffee beans that come from distinctive regions and countries. Whether full bodied flavors or lighter versions they enjoy fresh gourmet brews. Here’s how -

Frappe : This is an elegant and simple gourmet coffee widely consumed is a cold espresso made with two teaspoons of sugar and milk with crushed ice cubes. For a nice variation add a quarter cup each of brandy and crème de cacao.

Cappuccino Borgia : This is much like a frappe but is filled with quarter-cup peeled oranges with one and a half cup chocolate ice cream! Add six tablespoons of orange juice and a quarter-cup milk to an espresso, blend and enjoy.

Calypso Cooler : is a cup of chilled, extra strength coffee that has a couple of ripe bananas and two cups of coffee ice cream to which gets added four tablespoons of rum.

Caffee Zabaglone : A quarter cup of dry Marsala with a quarter cup of sugar along with a pinch of salt and four egg yolks whisked and cooked until thick. To this you add a cup of Italian roast at room temperature and you've got yourself an extraordinary drink.

Mardi Gras: Add double strength American roast to a half-cup each of heavy cream, eggnog and bourbon and you have another wonderful gourmet coffee drink.

Turkish Coffee: To this famously dark, strong flavored beverage add cardamom and see how this ancient spice will spice things up.

Specialty Gourmet Coffee Beans : There are wonderful selections of handpicked beans, slow roasted to perfection that are available as gourmet beans. These highest quality beans are used to develop specialty gourmet coffees. Arabicas are known worldwide as the best quality beans. These beans are actually grown in many countries and are offered in many grades.

Gourmet Coffee : Gevalia, Arabica, Ashby’s and Kona are some of the coffee makers that provide coffee in the gourmet category. Gourmet coffee may have once only been served in exclusive establishments but is now widely available and affordable to all true coffee lovers. Some like their gourmet coffee black, without milk, creamer, sugar or other flavorings.

Others enhance their gourmet coffee with additions like milk that is whipped into froth, sweeteners, and mixing in other flavors like chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, and mint, to name just a few. Brewing gourmet coffee at home is less expensive and you can add what you want to your coffee to satisfy your gourmet tastes.

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