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Great Coffee Book by Timothy James Castle and Joan Nielsen

Great Coffee Book

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Key features:
Practical information on choosing, brewing and tasting coffee
Thirty recipes that involve coffee as an ingredient
It satisfies several queries that come in the minds of coffee lovers
Amazing and colorful photographs of coffee farms

This book relates to the experience of the author when a visit was made to the coffee farms in Guatemala. The author felt very elated with the feeling of knowing everything about coffee and sharing experience with several people. It also answers some of the important question which usually crop up in the minds of the people like, ‘what is the best coffee?’ what is the ultimate brewing method, what are the organic and estate coffee? And numerous other questions related to coffee.

Timothy J. Castle has been writing about coffee since 15 years and a specialty coffee broker by trade.

Joan Nielson has the experience of working with eminent chefs and has contributed in editing books, developing recipes and writing television shows.

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