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I Love Coffee!: Over 100 Easy and Delicious Coffee Drinks by Susan Zimmer

I Love Coffee

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Key features
Expert advice and technique to brew perfect coffee
International coffees and brewing techniques
Problem solving tips that crop up during coffee making
Colorful photographs of all the recipes
Easy to understand instructions and information

The book starts with a beautiful quote which is true to life, ‘Coffee and Life share a common ground –they both offer many choices’. The book is the tryst to the world of coffee; it offers complete information on the types of coffee beans, the places they are grown, and its consumption. Also it takes care of the coffee lovers who can enjoy over 100 easy and delicious coffee drinks.

They can make delicious cappuccinos, cold coffee quenchers, decadent coffee desserts, classy coffee martinis by making use of the simple techniques given in this coffee guide and cookbook.

The author spent most of her childhood in European Restaurant Kitchens where she inherited her culinary vision and inspired her to share her coffee recipes educational tips and techniques on television and at professional trade shows across the country.

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