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Arabica Beans

Over 70% of the coffee grown in the world is Arabica. The highest quality coffees are all arabicas and pure arabica blends re the highest quality (and most expensive) blends.

Different varieties of Arabicas produce a broad taste range, from sweet to tangy, soft to sharp. Their unroasted smell is not unlike blueberries, while their roasted smell is also sweet and fruity.

Arabica coffee beans are delicate. They must be grown at higher elevations between 600 and 2000 meters, in cool, subtropical climates with lots of rain, humidity, good soil and just the right mix of shade and sun. They are vulnerable to various pest species, and are extremely susceptible to cold temperatures and rough handling.

While in the U.S. Arabicas are most often found in the coffee store and specialty food shops, “Arabica” is not a synonym for quality; a low quality Arabica bean is still inferior to a high quality Robusta bean.


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