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Cappuccino History

Cappuccino is one of the world’s most popular coffee drinks. The preparation of this mix of espresso coffee and frothed hot milk or cream (sometimes flavored with cinnamon) has been an lifted to the level of an art-form in coffee houses around the globe.

Cappuccino got its name from the Italian order of Catholic Capuchin monks. The monks’ hooded robes are said to resemble a cup of cappuccino's cap of foam in their shape and color.

Cappuccino’s 1st Italian artisans decided that the drink’s preparation should be as dramatic and distinguished as it's taste and appearance mixing skill and showmanship in equal measure. These original Cappuccino machines were true works of art; massive, ornate, impressive steam machines that made watching a cup getting brewed as pleasurable as drinking it.

The coffee renaissance in the US was led, in large part, by the renewed American interest in cappuccino. Though the pomp and ritual is no longer present, countless coffee lovers in the US, UK, EU and beyond can’t get enough of that frothy stuff.

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