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Coffee Around the World: Part II

Coffee is enjoyed the world over, and the world’s coffee drinkers have an impressive variety of ways to serve it. Let’s look at some more.

Europeans are big coffee fans. Espresso was born in France, but the Italians perfected the drink; they take their espresso with sugar. German and Swiss coffee lovers take their coffee with equal parts of hot chocolate, while Belgians enjoy regular chocolate. Whipped cream is essential in Austria. In Yugoslavia, small coffee places called kafano brew coffee in a long-handled open pot known as devza and serve the coffee in little demitasse-type cups. It’s a lot like extra-caffeinated espresso.

The rest of the world enjoys its coffee, too. In Mexico coffee is served with cinnamon. Moroccans drink their coffee with peppercorns, while Ethiopians take theirs with a pinch of salt. Egyptians love pure and strong coffee and rarely add sugar to it, nor milk nor cream.

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