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Coffee FAQ

There seem to be endless facts, terminology and sundry minutia involved with the growing, processing and brewing of coffee (and don’t get me started on drinking it). Here are some of the most frequently asked coffee questions.

Q: Why do they call it a “Cup of Joe”?

A: No one knows for certain, but the most common theory is that it came about in 1914, when the secretary of the US Navy, Admiral Josephus 'Joe' Daniels abolished the officers' wine mess, making coffee the strongest drink on board navy ships. Sailors named the new staple beverage after the T-totaling secretary.

Q: Why Age Coffee?

A: Aged coffee is kept as green coffee in producing countries for a certain time, usually 2-3 years, to mute of acidity and improve body.

Q: What is a Coffee Cherry?

A: Coffee beans are actually seeds, and the fruit the are found in is called a coffee cherry because its size, shape and often coloring is similar to the common cherry.

Q: What in the world is a Peaberry?

A: Usually coffee cherries contain 2 flat beans (actually seeds), sometimes only one rounded seed will form. The single rounded bean is called a peaberry, which has a reputation for   having a better or more intense flavor.

Q: What’s the deal with putting eggshells in coffee?

A: Though this is a fairly rare practice now, adding eggshell to the grounds was believed to take away some of the bitter taste that can be associated with cheap or bad coffee, or to settle the coffee grounds.

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