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Drip Coffee Maker

Pouring near-boiling water over medium-course coffee grounds makes what is known as “drip coffee”. This is the easiest method of making coffee and is the brewing method used by just about every American diner and home coffee maker.                

Drip coffee machines use filters. There are 3 types of filter: paper, plastic and metal. They can affect the coffee by producing different flavors. Paper filters come in various levels of thickness and are made of different types of paper that absorb more or less of the flavorful oils. Plastic can give coffee an off flavor, and doesn’t last as long as metal. All permanent filters require a courser grind and allow some sediment to get through.

Another drawback to the drip method is the occasional lack of essential heat. A drip coffee pot often fails to get the water hot enough to extract all of the flavorful oils from the coffee.

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