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Espresso Machines Part II: Pump Operated Espresso Machines

The more complex pump operated espresso machines have several parts and steps in the espresso shot making process. Here’s a quick rundown. Now with a little nerve and a decent memory you can fake your way through any Espresso maker conversation.

The Reservoir: this removable part holds the cold water used in the espresso machine.

Pump: this part draws water out of the reservoir to the heating chamber.

Heating Chamber: this stainless-steel structure with a heating element built into the bottom. It also contains a one-way valve that lets water into the chamber from the pump.

Porta-filter: this filter holds the ground coffee. It contains a wire mesh screen and a basket with 2 spouts in the bottom where the espresso shot comes out.

Steam Wand: this is used to heat and froth milk for espresso drinks foam with steam from the heating vessel.

Control Panel: this is just what it sounds like, and on/off switch, various setting options, etcetera.

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