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How To Make An Espresso Shot

You don’t have to be a trained barista to pour the perfect shot of espresso. Just follow these 6 simple instructions.

1. Make sure the water in the espresso machine is heated to just below boiling, the ideal temperature.

2. Put the ground espresso coffee beans into the basket and tamp it down.

3. Install the porta-filter by twisting it into the machine.

4. Place one small cup beneath each spout then turn the valve to the espresso position.

5. Fill the cups then put the switch back into the middle position.

6. To steam milk to make froth, hold the steam nozzle near the surface of the milk, lowering the cup slightly as the forth rises.

There you have it! Other ingredients can be added to make the countless espresso drinks available to coffee coinsures, but the shot-drawing process described above will see you through all of them. Bottoms ups!

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