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How To Make Espresso

Here are some tips to making the best espresso at home.

Preheating your cups with hot tap water in your cups before starting to brew coffee keeps the 1st shot as cold as the last. It also doesn’t hurt to warm the brew head before starting so that the water won’t be dissipated when it hits it

Grind the coffee specifically for a home espresso machine. If the coffee is too coarse the water will go through it too fast and will not extract the nectar from the coffee. If the coffee is ground too fine the water will not be able to travel through the grounds properly causing over extraction.

Be sure the espresso filter basket is tamped correctly. If the coffee is tamped too hard water will not flow through, but if it is not tamped hard enough the water will run through the grounds too quickly.

Espresso cafe should be served immediately. Ideally, the coffee should be a very light honey color.

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