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How To Use A French Coffee Press

A French Press Coffee Machine is simply a glass container with a wire mesh filter attached to a plunger, possibly with a nylon fine filter to catch dust produced while grinding.

To make coffee in a French Press coffee pot water is brought nearly to boil, around 195 to 205 degrees. The press itself should be pre-warmed before preparing coffee in it to keep the glass from absorbing heat when the hot water is put into it, making for a warmer coffee extraction. T

The French Press coffee pot should contain about the same amount of very coarsely ground coffee as is used for drip coffee. The coffee should be brewed for 2 1/2 minutes or until it is easy to press the plunger down.

Coarse ground coffee is needed to avoid lots of sediment in the cup. Because there is no paper filter, all oils make it into the coffee. As such, the dregs of the French Press coffee mug live up to their name, and aren’t very tasty.

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