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One Lump or Two?

Americans like cold beverages ice cold and hot beverages almost, but not quite, hot enough to parboil their laps should they spill it on themselves during rush hour, but they generally like both as sweet as treacle. Unlike, say, the Egyptians, who like their coffee pure and only serve sweetened coffee at weddings, sweetened coffee is the norm in the States (though Americans aren’t as quick as Europeans to add chocolate).

For those who like their espresso coffee sweet, it is best to use granulated sugar (white rather than brown) because it dissolves more quickly than sugar cubes. From a strictly flavor point of view, it’s also better to use real sugar rather than sweeteners, which alter the taste of the coffee.

Some coffee drinkers enjoy flavored coffees more than sweetened coffee. These are created after the roasting process by applying flavored oils specially created to use on coffee beans.

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