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How To Make Turkish Coffee Part I: Ingredients

Turkish Coffee is a popular around the world, not least of all in Turkey. So what is Turkish Coffee?  It is a strong, flavorful coffee prepared in a small pot which holds either 1 or 2 servings called an ibrik (a.k.a. a cezve, briki, mbiki or toorka).

To make Turkish Coffee all one requires is an ibrik (available online or at specialty stores), a heat source (a stovetop will suffice nicely), coffee, water, and sugar.

The coffee may be any roast but Turkish Blends are preferred. The grind is more important than the roast. Turkish coffee uses the finest grind you can have sot that the coffee is almost like a powder. On most coffee grinders, it is the finest grind possible.

Use whole milk and white granulated sugar. No artificial sweeteners!

Now you are ready to begin brewing. Proceed to How To Make Turkish Coffee Part II: The Mix.

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