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How To Make Turkish Coffee Part II: The Mix

Now that you’ve assembled all your ingredients and assorted paraphernalia you’re ready to begin brewing. Welcome to the mix.

Begin by adding the sugar. For an 8 oz. Ibrik use 2 level teaspoons, though anything from 1 level tablespoon to 2 heaping tablespoons may be used depending on personal preference.

Next fill the ibrik with water up to the base of the ibrik's “neck”, but not into the neck: no less, no more. Use cold water only.

Finally, get the teaspoon out and scoop out a heaping teaspoon of ground coffee. In a 4 oz ibrik use 2 heaping teaspoons, in an 8 oz ibrik use 3 heaping teaspoons, and in a 12 oz., use 6 heaping teaspoons. Let the coffee grinds float on the water and under no circumstance stir them.

The Coffee’s in the pot; now proceed to How To Make Turkish Coffee Part III: Fire It Up!

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