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How To Make Turkish Coffee Part III: Fire It Up!

You’ve mixed the ingredients and put them in the ibrik. It’s time to add the essential element, namely heat, and brew up your Turkish Blend.

Any stove will do. Most coffee aficionados agree that it’s best to heat the coffee slowly, but medium to high heat works as well.

It’s important is that you monitor the coffee at all times to it keep from over-boiling; this watched pot will, in fact, boil. The thing is, you don’t want it to. If the water starts to boil, you didn’t use enough coffee. If the pot comes to a boil you have to start again.

The coffee should foam rather than boil (foaming is slow, boiling is fast). The foam should start to fill the ibrik’s neck. When it’s nearly to the top, remove the ibrik from the heat source.

Move on to How To Make Turkish Coffee Part IV: The Finesse.

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