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How To Make Turkish Coffee Part V: Serving It

You’ve completed the complex process of brewing Turkish Coffee. Well done.  It’s time to move on serving Turkish Coffee and eventually drinking it.

Once the ibrik has been removed from the heat for the last time, scoop out the foam with a spoon and do with it what you will. Some people like Turkish Coffee but hate Turkish Coffee foam. Most servers divide the foam equally among the cups.

Let the ibrik sit for 30 seconds to allow some the grinds to settle, then pour it into the cups. Don’t pour out the last drop, however because the bottom of the ibrik will be filled with unappealing coffee sludge.

Those who don’t take it black may add milk, or 1/2&1/2. The crema or foam goes on top.

Some of the remaining grinds will settle to the bottom of your cup. Tip them out when your done and read your fortune.


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