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Vacuum Pot

When deciding on a coffee maker vacuum pot is an excellent choice. The flavor of the coffee it produces is 2nd t o none.

A vacuum coffee pots works by creating a buildup of steam in a lower bowl which forces the water up into a funnel where it mixes with the ground coffee. A small amount of water left behind in the lower bowl, which keeps the steam coming and the keeps temperature constant. After 1 to 3 minutes the siphon is taken off the heat, creating a vacuum in the bowl, which in turn sucks the brewed coffee down through the filter. Allowing the water to come to a boil or near boil in the lower chamber before putting the upper chamber on the vacuum pot reduces the chances of cool water getting pushed into the upper chamber before it is ready.

Coffee made in a vacuum pot it is much hotter than with an automatic drip pot. Vacuum pots also make good tea.

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