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Review - Java Trading Company Espresso Jet City Whole Bean, 5-Pound Bag

Java Trading Company Espresso Jet City Whole Bean

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The 5 lb bag of Java Trading Company Espresso Jet City Whole Beans provides coffee that is rich and dark without the bite. For those of us who do not like being jolted by our coffee, these beans are for our regular brew. And at a very reasonable price!

The smooth and bold tastes of the Java Trading Company coffee are the result of their patented air-roasting system. Beans are roasted on a bed of hot air unlocking the bold flavor. The taste is smooth, never bitter. Java Trading Company offers a whole range of 100% Arabica beans from exotic estates to classic regional varietals.

To ensure freshness it is best to store this bag in a cool, dry place. Once opened it should be stored in an air-tight container. To brew the perfect cup of coffee you should grind just enough beans for immediate use, each time. The grinder should be set to the brew method - fine for cone-shaped filters, medium for drip machines and coarse for a French press. These beans will give you the best cup of coffee you could ask for.

The roast color is evenly spread on all the beans in Espresso Jet City Whole Bean bags. The beans are also shiny and dark. Each cup gives you a fruity coffee taste with that dark undertow that you so expect from a darker roast. Not once can you denote a hint of bitterness that you sometimes get from badly roasted dark coffee. This product sells on its own steam and dedicated lovers of the Java Espresso Jet City Whole Bean keep going back for more!

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