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La Pavoni Mill Coffee Grinder, 10 cup capacity hopper

Those who once use La Pavoni Mill Coffee Grinder will never go for ready made coffee powder from the stores. The freshly brewed coffee with its rich aroma makes it’s an enriching delight for the whole family. The multiple settings in the unit and the timer will help you to have the desired ground coffee. You only have to adjust the time for course, fine or extra fine and the grinder will do the rest.

It can grind 10 cups worth of coffee beans in a single go. This is made possible with the stainless steel blades and the grinding chamber. The sleek Italian design and sturdy construction guarantee years of fresh ground coffee for years.

La Pavoni Mill Coffee Grinder
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Key features:
A perfect grinder grinds 10 cups worth of coffee beans at a time
Stainless steel blades and chamber
The sturdy whole unit is an Italian design
Savor your coffee as fresh as can be by grinding just before you brew it

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