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Coffee and Espresso : Make Your Favorite Drinks At Home by Tania Dusy

Favorite Drinks

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Key features
Information on coffee right from its cultivation
Sumptuous 30 coffee drink recipes and other savories
Easy to understand instructions
Tips to make perfect coffee drink
Information on milk frothers and coffee makers

This book proves to be the best for those who love coffee in different forms. The author Tania Dusy imparted her knowledge of coffee through this book. Read this book and you will get to know about coffee right from its cultivation to coffee processing and basic principles to be followed while preparing.

This is not all, Tania Dusy has been very innovative in introducing recipes that involve coffee in their preparation. Coffee lovers would love to have this book for they would be able to include their favorite coffee in their daily cooking. The book has 30 different coffee drinks like cappuccino, latte, macchiato and fantastic recipes like coffee flan, mocha truffles and also savories like Tramezzini, Tender Brioches, sweet Muffins and several other that involve coffee in their preparation.

Apart from the fabulous recipes the book provides information on homemade syrups, tips for perfect coffee drink and ways to foam milk. This book will prove beneficial for those who are planning to go for coffee makers and other gadgets related to it. Get information of espresso machines, French press, stove top makers, Milk frother and Hand Held frother right in this book.

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