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Advantages of Manual Drip Coffee Maker

Manual Drip Coffee Makers are still one of the most preferred devices to brew perfect coffee, the reason being it has greater control over the extraction. In this process, one just needs to heat water separately and pour over grounds at your own pace.

It is one of the simplest ways of making coffee. The manual drip coffee maker can be used for making both a single cup of coffee as well as a larger quantity too. Some of the coffee makers are specifically designed to brew a single cup of coffee while the larger styles can be used to make up to eight cups of coffee at a time.

The larger type of manual drip comes with a glass carafe that can also be used to serve the coffee. The drip part in the coffee maker is a conical shaped basket where the coffee filter is usually put. The basket is placed on the carafe or on an individual mug in small sizes. The concentration of the coffee brew depends entirely on the individual’s choice. A pot of eight cups of drip coffee probably takes about four minutes to make, apart from the time taken by the water to boil.

Most people prefer the manual drip coffee maker as it is easier to use and also inexpensive as compared to the electric drip coffee makers. One doesn’t have to face the risk of burning the coffee since it is never exposed to open fire.

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