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Popular Coffee Accessories

Coffee is no doubt one of the most favored drinks all over the world. From making of a simple black coffee, emerged many innovations in the trade. There are now many varieties of coffee preparations. And from these varieties, came many coffee accessories as well to make the coffee preparation and preservation even better. The following list of the coffee accessories can also be used at home for optimum coffee enjoyment:
Coffee Roaster
Coffee Roaster  
Transforms the chemical and physical properties of green coffee beans into roasted coffee products. The roasting process is what produces the characteristic flavor of coffee by causing the green coffee beans to expand and to change in color, taste, smell, and density. There are various coffee roaster models available in the market depending upon the capacity to roast, or on the type of control, such as digital and manual.
Coffee Grinder
Coffee Grinder  
Ensures that your coffee at home is always fresh. Even though there are commercial coffee grinders,but you can get portable ones for home use also. It is a well known fact that whole coffee beans stay fresh a couple of times longer than ground coffee. So, in order to get a fresh cup of coffee, it is suggested to grind coffee beans instantaneously before making coffee These are available in burr grinders and mill or blade types.
Coffee Filter
Coffee Filter  
An accessory used in the brewing process, so as to eliminate the disturbing particles of coffee. These particles are quite irritating if not removed and they dampen the enjoyment of the person drinking the coffee. Most common used coffee filters are cloth and paper. But innovations have now provided the market with a wide variety of choices, such as gold tone filter.
Coffee Bean Dispenser
Coffee Bean Dispenser  
An accessory that all coffee lovers do have. It is a convenient way to store the coffee for maximum freshness and easy access. Can easily be mounted on the kitchen countertop. It not only adds elegance to the place, but also it is of big value in ensuring the quality of coffee that you have. It is quite essential, as the coffee beans are stored well to retain the richness of the coffee flavor.
Milk Frother
Milk Frother  
This is a quick and easy way to upgrade the home latte – frothed milk. You only have to simply dip the milk frother into the mug and let it spin for just 20 seconds, till the milk gets the desired texture. It's froth is considered perfect for cappuccinos, caffe lattes, mochas and specialty coffees as well as hot chocolates, malts and milk shakes. It may be either battery operated or manual one depending upon the coffee maker.
Coffee Maker Cleaning Powder
Cleaning Powder  
While using coffee systems, generally residues are left in the group heads, valves and lines. Most of the people forget the simplest thing they could do to optimize the taste of their daily cup – to clean up. Make sure the powder you use is both the one specified by the manufacturer of the system, and is NSF certified.
Coffee Carafes
Coffee Carafe  
Used to keep coffee hot for hours. These are available in two varieties, the thermal carafes and glass carafes, that come along with the coffee maker. They are sometimes called coffee pots. These must be airtight to disallow spills. Its benefit is that, you can decant the coffee right after its brewed and the coffee does not cool right away, nor does the coffee burn.
Water Filter
Water Filter  
Is an important accessory a coffee maker must have. It is not a necessity, though one can make a good pot or brew, this is essential. Usually, regular tap water is considered as hard water;, as it is filled with countless minerals that contradict with the taste of natural coffee. This filter removes almost all of the mineral constituents, and makes the water soft , so that that coffee flavor is retained.
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