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Professional Drip Coffee Maker – Perfect For Office & Cafes

Professional Drip Coffee Makers are the most widely used machines in the world today. They are perfect for people who live in the fast lane and cannot spare time to brew a coffee at home. These machines are best put to use in places where there is a large influx of people and many footfalls. The restaurant owners, café owners and people catering for large gatherings prefer this kind of coffee vending machine.

The coffee in the professional coffee maker is measured in gallons instead of cups. This type can be even seen in churches or where a large group of people gather.

Most of the times, the professional coffee makers are made of stainless steel or aluminum, have a glass water reservoir and the coffee is dispensed from a nozzle. These are directly plugged into an electric outlet and also have a heating plate that keeps the coffee at a uniform temperature.

Some of the high end restaurant owners also prefer to have the fully programmable coffee makers which gives them the ease and convenience of planning accordingly. They have the functions to auto shut off which saves wastage of energy too and also the brew pause function which makes it easy for the server to take out the carafe and pour out the coffee while restarting the process.

Professional coffee makers can cost hundreds of dollars and also use a large amount of coffee to brew, but are ideal for places that have more than 20 people. The most common office coffee makers are the carafe type. They have at least one glass pot and one warmer.

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