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Pura Vida Whole Bean Coffee, Variety Pack of 3 ( Sumatra, Ethiopia, and Colombia ), 12 Ounce Bags

Pura Vida Whole Bean Coffee

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Pura Vida Whole Bean Coffee comes in a variety pack of 3 (Sumatra, Ethiopia, and Colombia) in 12 Ounce Bags each. This coffee is charitably owned and uses all resources for at risk children. The coffee is medium and extra dark roasts and is a popular selling item. The essential features of this coffee are that it is organic, fair trade and shade-grown.

The selection offers a threesome of Sumatran, Ethiopian and Colombian whole bean coffees. The coffee beans are Fair Trade Certified, certified organic and are shade grown. Also Pura Vida specializes in Fair Trade organic coffee and thereby helps farmers sustain their families and protect the environment with every cup you drink. These beans have been selected after thorough research to offer premium beans. The beans are carefully roasted in small batches for unsurpassed flavor and fullness. Working directly with farmers who grow the beans you can be assured that the very best goes into these bags. Pura Vida coffee cuts out the large middleman profits in the coffee business.

If you like mild and smooth coffee then the Ethiopian coffee is for you. The beans from Columbia and Sumatra are good too. Though you may find them to be over roasted for the type of beans they are. The nuances of these subtle beans may have been just a bit over roasted. You can experiment with all three coffees but choices differ. This multi pack also includes bold, darkly roasted beans without the bitterness that you so often get from other over roasted coffees. The coffee is fresh and very aromatic.

You could prepare cappuccino from this selection. It tastes great and the flavor stands up well to the milk. If you are on the lookout for gourmet coffees and Pura Vida is one of them.

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