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Back to Basics CM300BR Cocoa-Latte Hot Drink Maker, Brushed Silver

Product Features:
  • Heats to the perfect temperature every time
  • Auto shutoff
  • 32-ounce non-stick container
  • 2-piece unit for easy cleaning & storage
  • Dispenser valve
  • Dimensions: 7.5" x 9" x 12"

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Product Description:

The Back to Basics CM 300BR Cocoa-Latte Hot Drink Maker lets you bring the café experience into your home. The unit features auto shutoff to ensure that your drinks are not overheated. The unit has easy-to-clean 32-ounce container, with a twist-and-lock lid and non-stick heating surface. The unit is housed in plastic from the base to the container to the spout. It also includes 35 delicious hot drink recipes.


  • Makes much creamier and frothy drink
  • Price


  • Takes twice as long as using "instant" hot cocoa when making just 1 or 2 cups.

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