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Stovetop Drip Coffee Maker Info

Stove top Drip Coffee Makers have been in use for much longer than the electric version. The traditional stove top coffee maker was also known as the campfire coffee pot, since it adapted well to making coffee over an open fire. Usually this type of coffee maker was made in aluminum or stainless steel and most times resembled a coffee carafe. The bottom of the pot contained a reservoir for water and the top had a round basket with a stem reaching down to the bottom of the pot. Coffee grounds were placed in the basket which was then supported by the stem.

The lower part of the stove top drip coffee maker is made with heat-tempered glass and the top drip section with metal and now in plastic too. This kind of coffee maker works in much the same manner as the electric drip machine.

The stove top coffee maker brews coffee with two separate stacked compartments or pots like the vacuum coffee makers. The only difference is that in the vacuum coffee makers, both the compartments are used for brewing process, while in the stove top coffee maker only one pot is used to both heat the water and brew the coffee. The other is used to simply hold the finished product.

Even though the brewing process is simple, it is very important to keep a close watch on the coffee brewing. If it is allowed to boil too much, the coffee may become too bitter. Secondly, the stove top coffee makers are perfect for preparing coffee for one or two people but they are ineffective when you have to serve a larger group.

The modern type of stove top coffee makers include espresso pots which use steam as well as boiling water to brew the coffee. Many coffee lovers prefer this kind of coffee over the drip coffee as there is steam in it and the coffee grounds are infused with both steam and boiling water as the coffee percolates.

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