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The World Encyclopedia of Coffee (The World Encyclopedia of) by Mary Banks

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Key features:
An informative book on coffee
Several coffee recipes and gourmet coffee drinks
A definitive and informative guide to coffee
Resources at the end of the book
Coffee culture around the world
The art of coffee drinking

With this book, ‘The World Of Encyclopedia of Coffee’ by Mary Banks is the best book on coffee that gives detailed information on one of the favorite beverage right from its cultivation to roasting and brewing. You will enjoy the history of coffee which is a definitive guide to coffee from simple bean to irresistible beverage.

The book very well describes the ways to choose the best coffee beans, the process of roasting them and the way they are ground up. You will find extensive description on how the coffee flavors are different. Along with the valuable information you will also find recipes of coffee drinks and other savories that involve coffee in their preparation like coffee cakes, crepes, ice cream, pies,pastries and several others.

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