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Review Wagan Personal Mini Coffee Maker

Wagan Personal Mini Coffee Maker
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Product Features

  • Fast and easy-makes one cup in about 8 minutes
  • Super compact and very lightweight
  • Auto-stop drip
  • Washable, reusable filter
  • Comes with 1 stainless steel cup
Pros: great travel companion
Cons: cup’s a bit too small

The Wagan Personal Mini Coffee Maker with 1-Cup Coffee Genie is the best travel companion for the ardent coffee lover. The personal mini coffee maker is ideal for a single person, who takes limited amounts of coffee, since this machine can make only one cup at a time. The quality of the coffee is good and ready in quick time. Even while traveling, now you can enjoy a refreshing hot cup of coffee or tea anywhere you go!

This ingenious little device was designed to make travel life easier by preparing a single cup of your favorite hot beverage, while on the road! This product has a removable filter cup for easy cleaning. Also, the auto-stop drip is helpful to allow for quick removal and less spilling. It is fast and easy-makes one cup in about 8 minutes. We would recommend this Coffee Maker for individuals but those who need fair amounts of coffee would be better off buying other models that provide more cups of coffee per brew.

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