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4-Cup Coffee Makers for Home & Office

A 4-Cup Coffee Maker is an ideal choice to be put to use in both the office and home. These coffee makers are designed to look stylish and are compact. They are especially suited for students and those with very small bench tops. These coffeemakers also have features which make the counter top clutter free and avoid too much of hassle.

These coffee makers are included in the small size category due to its compact features. Some of these coffee makers feature a permanent washable filter while others have filters which can be easily removed for cleaning. Many of the 4-cup coffee makers have an auto off feature which is a worry less as you do not have to remind yourself of switching off the machine after the task is completed.

The programmable coffee makers are all the more convenient to use as they have auto off indicators and a programmable timer/clock which can be even set up for 24 hours in advance. So the wake up coffee is already bubbling when you wake up in the morning. There are many renowned brands like Jura, DeLonghi, and Krups which produce these 4-cup capacity wonders.

On the other hand, the 4-cup coffee makers are usually less popular as they can be prey to some technical problems like spillage which arises if the machine is poorly designed.

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