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Bialetti Mukka Express 06990 Cappuccino Machine for Homes


Falling in the small appliances segment of coffee makers, Bialetti's Mukka Express is the market's first stove-top cappuccino maker. Following the success after its initial launch of the original and fun, black and white cow print design, Bialetti has opted for sophistication with the introduction of polished aluminum and polished and black aluminum versions.
  Bialetti Mukka Express 06990 Machine
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Bialetti Mokona incorporates Bialetti's tradition and expertise in its new electric espresso and cappuccino machine. True to its heritage, the well built, easy to use design includes critical parts that are made in Italy. Its personal and elegant shape resembles the Moka Express, the original Italian Stovetop espresso maker - a true icon of style invented by Bialetti in 1933.

The Mokona will use Coffee Pods, Grounds and Capsules. 15 Free Assorted Capsules are included in every Mokona. Bialetti's Mukka Express, the market's first stove-top cappuccino maker, has taken on a whole new look. The Bialetti 06990 Espresso Machines has the ability of making foaming cappuccinos. It is easy to clean and absolutely best suited for use at home. Simple to work on, it has a range of features and is suitable for use by Baristas.

Product features include,

  • Exclusive and patented technology
  • Worlds first stove top style electric Cappuccino maker
  • Quick and easy to use, produces perfect coffee every time
  • Two delicious styles of coffee, Cappuccino and latte
  • Unique ergonomic design
  • Manufactured in Italy by Bialetti, the worlds leading stove top coffee maker

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