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Bodum AG - Coffee Makers

Bodum AG - Coffee Makers


The Bodum AG group was founded by Peter Bodum in 1944 and is based in Triengen, Switzerland. The company is led by Jorgen Bodum and the members of Bodum family. Bodum Design Group AG is a Switzerland-based manufacturer that produces household appliances, like table service, and utensils in very unique Scandinavian design.

The company is a major manufacturer of Santos and other vacuum-type coffee makers. The company's products include both vacuum and "French press" coffee makers, tea pots, presses and kettles, silverware, coffee, tea and drink glasses, china, serving and storage items, and kitchen utensils. The company also has its own branded line of teas.
  Bodum  Coffee Makers
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The Bistro was Bodum's first "French press" style coffee maker. Its simple design set a standard for the category and became another perennial strong seller for the company. This coffeemaker from Switzerland converts the ordinary process of brewing coffee into an artful performance and transforms into an unforgettable experience.

Company Information & Contact Details :

Address: Weinmarkt 7, CH-6000 Luzern 5, Switzerland
Telephone: (41) 41 418 60 10
Fax: (41) 41 418 60 11

Bodum Coffee Maker Reviews
3020-16US Espresso
Bodum 3020-16US Espresso
Arrow Dual-wall filter
Arrow 19 BAR pump
Arrow ThermoBlock
Presso French Press
Bodum Presso French Press
Arrow Borosilicate glass
Arrow Dishwasher safe
Arrow Stainless steel
Chambord 8-Cup
Chambord French Press 8-Cup
Arrow Chrome-plated brass frame
Arrow Dishwasher safe
Arrow Borosilicate glass
Santos K120801
Bodum Santos K120801
Arrow Heat-resistant glass
Arrow Stay-cool handle
Arrow Dishwasher-safe
New Kenya 34-Ounce
New Kenya 34-Ounce
Arrow Curved plastic frame
Arrow Borosilicate glass
Arrow Dishwasher safe

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