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Bunn Coffee Machines


The company came into existence in the year 1957 by its founder Mr. George Bunn who introduced to the market and was earlier, the sole manufacturer of fluted paper coffee filter.  Just after this George Bunn redesigned his own invention and came up with the idea of fluting coffee filter paper into a stand-alone paper coffee filter.

The company and the founder was then the first people that revolutionized the coffee making industry again by introducing the first pour-over automatic drip coffee maker. The machine invented by George Bunn, the Bunn-O-Matic, was an almost immediate success, taking over the commercial coffee maker industry for years.

  Bunn Coffee Makers
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The habit of invention in the field of coffee industry has led Bunn over the years and made the company the leader in this segment of manufacturing drip coffee makers for commercial and home purposes.

Many restaurant owners rely on a Bunn coffee maker for that perfect blended cup of coffee, to be served for their customers. A commercial Bunn coffee may have two warmers so that coffee can be continually brewed throughout the day. And many of the trendy coffee franchises use a Bunn coffee maker in their stores.

Bunn design home coffee makers in two categories the velocity brewer and the phase brewer. Those who want coffee in less than 5 minutes and still do not want to grapple with innumerable advanced features, velocity brew are best for them whereas others can use programmable phase brew coffee makers. This is the reason Bunn Coffee Maker Leads the Industry in a very unique way of variety and style.

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NHB Professional
Bunn NHB Professional
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Bunn VLPF Professional
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