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Coffee Beans Types

Coffee beans are the seeds that come from coffee berries. They are called as beans instead of seeds, all because they resemble beans. It is the most popular and widely consumed beverage in the world. Before it comes to us as finished product the beans are removed from the fruit, processed and roasted.

There are said to be 25 major types of coffee beans with over 6,000 variations of coffee beans throughout the world. But all of these actually originate from the three main genus - Arabica, Robusta and Kona. Kona beans are a small segment commercially compared to Arabica and Robusta beans.

  Coffee Bean

Kona beans are the most expensive and grow mainly in Hawaii. Well known for their powerful aroma they remain in high demand. Kona beans are never blended with other coffee beans as they are preferred singularly.

Arabica beans forms 60% of coffee beans production. Having delicate flavors it is also used to add body to other coffees. The flavor of Arabica beans varies widely according to the region where they are grown. They are grown in Indonesia, Java, Sumatra and Central & South America.

Robusta coffee accounts for nearly 40% of coffee beans. It does not vary much in flavor and is put to good use as a blend to bring out the best in different flavors. Its strong flavor adds 'kick' to coffee. Discovered growing naturally in Congo, it is largely cultivated in Africa and Mexico.

Coffee Beans Reviews
Lavazza crema e aroma
Lavazza Crema e Aroma
Arrow 2.2 pound bag
Arrow Arabica beans
Arrow Robusta beans
Starbucks House Blend
Starbucks House Blend
Arrow Latin American
Arrow Medium roast
Arrow 16 oz
Ferrara Caffe Espresso
Ferrara Caffe Espresso
Arrow Italian coffee
Arrow Decaffienated
Arrow 36 oz
Award Winning Farm
Award Winning Farm
Arrow Micro-roasted
Arrow Medium roast
Arrow 16 oz.

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